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a colorfull 2d illustration by the colombian artist Jhonny Núñez


Freelance illustration logo

We help brands to be relevant,
products to gain value
and people to tell stories.


This illustration and design studio is a creative ecosystem directed by the artistic line of the illustrator and graphic designer Jhonny Núñez.


Our focus is style illustration and we address solutions in multiple disciplines such as Branding, Packaging, Mural Art, and Animation. We put all our passion and talent in favor of those who trust us.



The unique, colorful and attractive art of Jhonny Núñez has been at the service of the most important brands in the world, with a recognized style that elevates it to the category of iconic and timeless.


The style is always maintained but each of his illustrated pieces is different and fresh, in addition to having won several of the most prestigious illustration awards worldwide.

Graphic Design

Our point of focus is illustration, but we also specialize in providing creative ideas that solve strategic problems, our experience covers a wide range of disciplines: branding, packaging, editorial and animation.


We have an interdisciplinary team made up of international professionals who support Jhonny Núñez in each large project and we face each challenge as a team.

Street Art

Our most exclusive service is the production of contemporary art in various forms, our clients hire Jhonny Núñez to have an authentic piece created by him.


Wall art, paintings, sculptures, fashion garments and even NFT art, we never do the same piece twice no matter how successful it is, if it is art and adds value to our clients then we do it for them.

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